Considering Adopting An Adult Cat?

Are you considering adopting a cat from a rescue? That’s wonderful! There are some incredible benefits to adopting an adult cat rather than a kitten. Adult cats are often overlooked by people looking for kittens because they think they’re too old for adoption. However, plenty of adult cats are waiting for homes at shelters and rescue organizations around the country! These cats would make wonderful additions to any family, especially if you already have other cats or kids.

Advantages of adopting adult cats

No Need To Train: Adult cats are fully grown and have reached their full size. This means that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of training a kitten or potty training a cat. Adult cats also know how to use the litter box, so you don’t have to worry about teaching them how to use it.

Saving Money: A kitten can cost up to $300 or more, whereas an adult cat can cost as little as $50 or less. There’s no doubt about it; you’ll save a lot of money by adopting an adult cat instead of buying one from a breeder or cat store!

Saving Time: The adoption process for kittens can take less than a week, whereas the adoption process for adults can take up to two months (sometimes longer). This means that if you’re looking for a new companion right away, adopting an adult would probably be your best option!

Saving Energy: Adult cats aren’t as energetic as kittens, so they don’t require as much attention or playtime as kittens. This can be especially beneficial if you’re busy at work or school all day long and only have time for one cat at home. Be sure to adopt from a reputable source and ask about the cat’s temperament. Not all adult cats are appropriate for families with children or other cats, so make sure you choose the right cat for your home environment before adopting one.