What Top Do When You Find Stray Kittens

Have you found a litter of abandoned kittens? If you find stray or abandoned kittens, the best thing is to give us a call for next steps. If you can’t reach us because it’s not during office hours, here are some tips on what to do with these furry friends:

First of all, don’t panic. Although it’s heartbreaking to find abandoned kittens, remember that kittens are resilient and can thrive in almost any situation. They need your help and support, but they’re going to make it.

Stay calm and assess the situation: Is the mother cat nearby? She might be watching and waiting for her baby to return, so if she sees you with it she could come back and attack you. If this is the case, leave the area but keep an eye out for her. Is she too young or too sick to care for her babies? Do you think she’ll come back if you leave them alone? There are many factors that come into play when deciding what to do with abandoned kittens, but if you can’t find their mother or if she appears unable to care for them on her own, then this is where we come in!

If you think you’ve found an abandoned kitten, there are some things you can do to help it survive.

Next, get the kitten warm and dry as soon as possible. If it’s wet outside, try using a hair dryer on low heat to dry its fur before bringing it into your home. Once inside, set up a box with a heating pad underneath and put towels or blankets around it to keep the kitten warm until it can regulate its body temperature on its own.

Once the kitten is dry and warm, try feeding it some kitten formula from a bottle (a syringe works well if you don’t have one). You’ll need to be careful not to feed too much at once because kittens can choke on their own vomit—it’s best if they can eat small amounts throughout the night.