Co2 Laser

At All Cats Clinic we utilize a CO2 laser for all routine surgeries such as spays, neuters, abscess drainage and repair, declawing, digit or limb amputations and mass removals.  We love our CO2 laser. Read more to find out why.

What is a CO2 laser?

A CO2 laser is a surgical instrument that uses laser energy to make incisions or ablate (“erase”)  tissue by vaporizing it.  The laser beam is highly concentrated and causes less trauma to the tissue than traditional methods of surgery (i.e. scalpel and scissors).  There is less bleeding, bruising, swelling, and inflammation at the surgery site which results in less pain and a quicker recovery after surgery.

Why do we love our laser?

The laser seals nerve endings, lymphatics, and small blood vessels, resulting in less pain, swelling, and bleeding during and after surgery, and a quicker recovery.  In many cases, less bleeding during surgery can mean less time under anesthesia.  In addition, the laser has a sanitizing effect  on the incised tissue and can reduce the risk of infection.

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