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Cats are masters at hiding illness or discomfort and age more rapidly than their human family. That’s why regular exams are crucial to helping your cat live a healthy, happy life. Here at All Cats Clinic, we strive to make every visit as thorough and stress free as it can be for your cat. We utilize different products, such as Feliway and in some cases Gabapentin, to help reduce your cats stress level during their visit. Our vets will do a thorough exam from head to tail and discuss any concerns. To be more prepared for your cat’s visit, here are a few tips:

  • We highly recommend bringing your cat in a carrier to the visit. This is for your cats safety.
  • Setting out the carrier a few days before your cat’s visit will help them become accustomed to it and in return ease the loading up process. Click the link below for tips on getting your cat to the vet.
  • It is always recommended to put something in the carrier with your cat, such as a small blanket or pee pad, for comfort and to help contain “accidents” on the way.
  • During the drive over to the clinic, we recommend driving cautiously and with all windows rolled up to help reduce stress due to quick movements and loud noises.
  • Once you are in an exam room, it is recommended to keep your cat in their carrier until the doctor is ready to start the exam. This helps reduce stress due to unknown sights and smells.

Additionally, here are some questions our doctors and team will want to know for a complete health exam.

  • What current diet is your cat eating? (Brand, Flavor, Type)
  • What medications or preventives is your cat currently taking?
  • List of current concerns (if applicable)
  • Past medical history (New Client or New Patient)
  • Any behavioral changes?
  • Do you have pet insurance?

Please note that some conditions that require an extensive work up, such as lab work/x-rays/ultrasound, will require follow up visits.

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