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All Cats Clinic

We provide a caring and welcoming environment for your cats to feel stress-free at the vet.


Veterinary Care

We are an all feline veterinary clinic dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your feline family member. We also offer veterinarian-supervised and cat-approved boarding. Our sole focus is to provide a safe and comfortable environment - specifically for cats.

The Gold Standard In Feline Veterinary Care

At All Cats Veterinary Clinic, we care about your cat. That’s why we have a feline-only practice. You have to compete with barking dogs at a typical veterinary office, while cats are often nervous and fearful during vet visits. At our clinic, we make sure your cat feels as safe and comfortable as possible before, during, and after their appointment.


Meet The Team

We are dedicated to providing specialized veterinary care and treatment of cats. Our doctors and staff work together with cat owners to improve the lives of their feline companions, and you can feel confident bringing your cat to our clinic as all members of our team are thoroughly trained in feline medicine. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for your cat, and help you understand ways to make your animal companion’s life safer, healthier, and more fulfilling.

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All Cats Clinic is hands-down the best place for cat care. Dr.Larsen is incredibly good at her job, is compassionate, and she is kind to both humans and cats alike during the process. She tended to the care of my elderly cat and I couldn't have treated him so well without her. She made all the difference in making my Martini's life comfortable at the end. Thank you Dr.Larsen and all of your staff, you are the best!


Barbara Larsen and her professional staff have cared for our furry children for 15 years. Four that have past-Pat, Vanna, Spike and Abby Who lived long and healthy lives due to the care and guidance of this veterinary clinic. Pat and Vanna over 20 years. And our latest additions Luciano and Beverly which Dr. Larsen found for us when Abby passed at 18 years of age. We wouldn't go anywhere else!


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